Permission to take care of yourself

Give yourself permission to do whatever is necessary to take care of YOU!

Answer the voice that says "Can I ..."

Did you ever wonder why the instructions for the oxygen in airplanes says "Be sure to put on your own mask before helping others"? It's because you can't truly help other people without first helping yourself.

Create some peace

Since we were children, we've listened to parents, siblings, friends, society tell us how they expect us to act. Sometimes, those messages are useful ("Look before crossing the road", "Don't eat sweets you find on the street", ...) and sometimes the messages that make sense for people in general do not make sense for you in particular.

I created Permission Cards to remind myself (and my friends) that it's OK to look after yourself.

How it works

When you feel both pressure to do something, and pressure to not do something, it's often a sign that you're conflicted between two impulses that may both be right, but the combination of them is causing you stress.

To resolve this stress, you make a conscious decision to let go one of the impulses, at least for a while. Your brain will often ignore this decision which is where the cards come in. You pick a card that explicitly gives yourself permission to do the thing that you know is right for you. Put it where you can see it throughout your day.

Thank you so much for the permission cards! Postman delivered yesterday but I only found them in porch this morning. They are lovely. Xxx


Good Morning, I got your lovely permission card. Thank you. As a result, I'm taking my version of a day off! Thank you.


So many self help books, courses, workshops encourage us to change. Your permission cards encourage us to accept ourselves just as we are, warts and all and to believe we are enough. Surprisingly, this allows us to choose whether we need to change something or not, if we do, the journey to change is made easier/lighter by taking a permission card when we need one.


I absolutely love your permission cards!! Your permission cards really resonated with me.......they are absolutely brilliant, sooooo creative and such a valuable and beautiful artistic tool to display and live by


These little permission cards are so good. I will ponder... when I give myself permission to stop and think for 5 mins! I may someday look back and see that I never thought to get permission to live my life as I want to!!!!!!! Didn't know that I could grant myself permission. Thank you.


I asked for a “Permission to take time off work” card be sent to a work colleague, rather than a get well soon card and they loved it. Something different and Mairead mailed it for me to the person, all the extra hassle taken and the impact was huge. Thanks Mairead!


Seeing permission to do something written down sticks with me. My permission cards are used daily, and spending time selecting the right one for the day is as important as what the card itself says. I love that they are not mass produced, their texture and attention to detail make them very unique. Using recycled and sustainable materials are also a win for me. 100% recommend.


Frequently asked questions

Do you sell the cards?
Yes! I sell them as individual cards or as a boxed set of 15. I ship anywhere in the world (so far, I have customers in Ireland, the US and Canada).
Are they printed or hand-made?
Each card is hand-made by me at my home in Ireland. I dream of some day also being able to offer a pre-printed set but that won't be for a while.
Can I add my own message?
Absolutely! I have a set of 'standard' messages that I think are universal but I'm also happy to add any message you like.
How do I order them?
Email me at and we'll figure out the details.
What do they cost?
The cards cost $3.50 each or $45 for the boxed set (or €2.50 each and €35 for the boxed set for people in Europe).
What does shipping cost?
Shipping is free to anywhere in the world (included in the card and boxed-set prices).